You need to view where we are today as a tug of war between We the People/our republic and the global communist technocrats led by Soros.  Who wins this tug of war for Democrat Senators between now and election day November 2022 will determine whether or not our republic can survive.

The U.S. Senate is our most important national political battlefield right now.  Soros is desperate to do away with the filibuster in the Senate and then pressure all Democrat Senators to go along with policies/new laws which destroy election integrity in all 50 states, and amass so much government spending and regulations that it collapses our currency and strangles private industry/self reliance at the same time.  Vaccine passports are essential to the global communist technocrat plans as well; we need to fight relentlessly to ensure those don’t become a new standard.

Soros, through the Biden administration, has tried bribing Manchin to do away with the filibuster by offering Manchin’s wife a sweet high paying job with status and power. Soros wants to isolate and pressure Sinema to make her crumble on the protecting the filibuster.  He would also like nothing more than to isolate Manchin and make him crumble on the Build Back Better plan, approximately an another $4.9 trillion in spending that we don’t have.  Manchin is feeling the pressure and increasingly isolated.  It sure would be great to strengthen his resolve and maybe convince him to switch parties to become a Republican, giving Republicans the majority in the Senate, saving our republic to the next election cycle.

We have seen 6 Democrat Senators break on some votes when the global communist agenda is viewed as going too far, like having our federal government take over our banking system.  These are our best targets in this tug of war to get more Democrats on our side than the global communist side.

This tool has been built for conservative activists who want to focus on winning this tug of war in our federal government.  All those highlighted in yellow are our primary targets to pressure, where we’ll get our best results.  The margins are thin for Democrats in the Senate and House.  It doesn’t take a lot of Democrat politicians to win over, to halt the Soros/global communist technocrat agenda. The sooner we all start using this tool, and recruiting others to do the same, the more likely we are to win this fight.


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